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City Wide Training

Registration Policy

  • Registration is available to all Early Childhood professionals and Early Childhood students (Please see student policy for registration information for students) in the City of Toronto.

  • Registration is on a first come first serve basis and payment must be received one week prior to the session in order to secure a space in any workshop.

  • Space in individual workshops may be limited to 3 staff per child care centre/agency. If space allows us to permit more, we would certainly be happy to do so!

  • Most online workshops offer a waitlist. When you register online and the number registered exceeds the number of seats available, a message will appear below the workshop registration button indicating the session is full: (PLEASE NOTE: There is currently a waitlist for this session). You can add your name to the waitlist, however you may attend the workshop only if you have been contacted and an available space confirmed.

Please also consider:

  1. To check for available space in any workshop you can go online at or call the registration contact person prior to sending payment to ensure that there is space for you.

  2. If there is space, you can choose to register online (see instructions below), or by mailing or faxing your form to 416-675-2015. Please write legibly on the form (available online or at the back of the training calendar) and include all contact information. 

How do I register online?

  1. Enter the website address

  2. Click on the "Training Calendar" and choose from the selections below.  (To view upcoming calendar months or return to the current month, click on the arrows in the top left of the calendar page or use the drop down menu on the top right of your page to select another month.)

  3. To register for an individual workshop click on the title of the workshop in which you are interested in registering, a new window will open with the workshop description and details for the session you have selected.

  4. To register, click on the “Register” button at the top of the description and a registration form will appear.   
  5. Complete the form and push “Register”, a confirmation sheet will appear. Please print this page as confirmation of your registration. PLEASE REGISTER ONLY ONE PERSON PER REGISTRATION PAGE. Multiple names on one form will not register.

  6. Be sure to send a copy of your confirmation page in with your payment to ensure payment is applied to your name/agency. 

All questions and enquiries regarding registration can be directed to: Anna Patola, Training Coordinator or Amy Azzopardi, Training Coordinator, at 416-675-6622 ext. 5482 or e-mail: or with the Subject Line: City Wide Training Calendar.